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Wall Systems Offer...

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Poured Walls

Poured concrete foundation walls are stronger than hollow core masonry foundation walls.


Engineering tests and technical data demonstrate poured concrete foundation walls have both ultimate flexural strengths many times greater than hollow core masonry foundation walls to resist the pressures of earth, wind, and water, and ultimate compressive strengths many times greater than hollow core masonry foundation walls to support vertical building loads.


Poured concrete foundation walls are a choice for builders because they are stronger, go in quicker, can be built on marginal lands, and can be constructed year-round.


Tilt-Up Walls

Tilt-up concrete walls have been used for a century and offer many environmental benefits.  Because they are cast on-site, transportation costs are minimized. Typically, the thermal mass of tilt-up eliminates the need for insulation. Of the approximately 25 percent of panels that are insulated, most use non-conductive ties to take best advantage of thermal mass properties—creating solid, insulated walls that offer high energy efficiency.


The large panels require minimal energy and labor when it comes to erection and finishing. And tilt-up buildings can be designed to accommodate change, with panels easy to remove and reuse, or even recycle if necessary.


Insulating Concrete Forms

Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) are rapidly gaining popularity in commercial and residential construction. The stay-in-place forms are placed in the shape of a structure and connected with steel or plastic ties, and reinforcing steel is installed to provide additional support. Concrete is pumped into the forms and allowed to set, creating a wall with foam insulation on each side, sandwiching the reinforced concrete core.


The high R-value of the insulation, the thermal mass of the concrete, and the ability to moderate temperature swings, will increase energy efficiency in any region. The forms can be installed quickly and are an easy fit to custom-design homes.



 For answers to your questions regarding general applications or forms, please e-mail Kim Diehl.

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