Safety is a Concrete Idea!

Just as we are serious about our commitment to Quality and Service, we are constantly concerned with issues of Safety.

From the highway to the job site, safety is our foremost concern.


We are pleased to announce that we have currently posted over 700,000 man hours with no injuries.  We attribute this accomplishment to our drivers - a team of professionals who understand the importance of putting safety first.  Additionally, we attribute these important safety accomplishments to the efforts that we make to promote job site safety inspection prior to our arrival.





Our Job Site Liability Protocol:

1.  Upon arriving on job with questionable safety issues, driver will first park and examine

      the job site, then confer with the superintendent, customer, or homeowner.

2.  Hazards will be discussed and identified.

3.  Driver will determine if hazards allow concrete to be delivered how and where the customer

     would like it.

4.  If concrete cannot be delivered according to customer's wishes, the driver will help determine

     alternate methods and routes.

5.  Customer will sign disclaimer on back of delivery receipt.

6.  If customer refuses, driver will immediately notify Superior Concrete dispatch.



We Work To...

▪ Offer Safety Incentives

▪ Educate Our Drivers

▪ Perform D.O.T. Programs

▪ Maintain High Standards


 For answers to your questions regarding general applications or forms, please e-mail Kim Diehl.

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