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‚Äč  Sources:American Concrete Institute (ACI) Publications: ACI 332Guide for Residential Construction ACI 302Guide for Concrete Floors and Slabs ACI CCS-1Concrete Craftsman Slab on Grade Additional information is available.  Click on a topic below to download information, courtesy of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association in Silver Spring, Maryland. - Dusting Concrete Surfaces- Sealing Concrete Surfaces- Crazing Concrete Surfaces- Cracking Concrete Surfaces- Plastic Shrinkage Cracking- Joints in Concrete Slabs on Grade- Cracks in Concrete Basement  Walls- Discrepancies in Yield- Low Concrete Cylinder Strength- Concrete Slab Moisture- Ordering Ready-Mixed Concrete- Making Concrete Cylinders in the  Field- Self-Consolidating Concrete- Strength of In-Place Concrete- Curing In-Place Concrete- Hot Weather Concreting- Concrete Blisters- Finishing Concrete Flatwork- Chemical Admixtures for Concrete- Flexural Strength of Concrete- Flowable Fill Materials- Radon Resistant Buildings- Vapor Retarders Under Slabs on  Grade- Concrete Pre-Construction  Conference- Testing Comprehensive Strength- Pervious Concrete- Curling of Concrete Slabs- Delamination of Troweled Surfaces- Loss of Air Content in Pumped  Concrete- Grout- Discoloration- Synthetic Fibers for Concrete- Corrosion of Steel in Concrete- Job site Addition of Water- Cold Weather Concreting- Supplementary Cementitious  Materials- High-Strength Concrete- Structural Lightweight Concrete- Maturity Methods to Estimate  Strength

Click a topic below underlined to download information, courtesy of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association in Silver Spring, Maryland.  For additional information, please contact the NRMCA.  You may also order printable forms of the information below by calling

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